El Cazador

Fotografía blanco y negro

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El Cazador


Afternoon in the Okavango Delta. A cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) climbs a termite mound, scouting for prey. The scene was impressive, and the posture of the feline was amazing too… but the light was far from perfect, as I had the sun in front of me, creating harsh contrasts and making it impossible to show the animal with its natural colors… Also, I knew the cheetah would stand on top of the mound only for a few seconds. So I decided to make the most of what I had, and reduce the available light even further, dialing a narrow aperture (f17) and capturing the hunter’s profile, in an almost B&W image. In post-production, I made it fully B&W.

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Ink-Jet Fotográfico Photolustre 310 gr, Impresión Directa en Dibond+Bastidor de Madera, VITRA A/B+Bastidor Madera Interior


30×40, 50×70, 70×100